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Video Content Analysis is much more sophisticated than conventional video motion detection and produces much fewer false alarms.

Our application suite uses intelligent CCTV cameras that could be programmed to send alerts to the monitoring center when specific conditions occur. Such online Video Content Analysis could be used for monitoring such behaviors:

  • Trip Wire - A person object or vehicle crossing a virtual line in the scene
  • Direction of Travel - A person, object or vehicle moving in a particular direction through the camera view
  • Region of Interest - A person, object or vehicle entering or leaving a virtual area in the camera’s view
  • Loitering - A person, object or vehicle remaining in the camera’s view for longer than a pre-determined period of time

VCA can be programmed to respond only to certain conditions at certain times or on certain days. For example, persons moving about a construction site on days and times when the site is closed, persons on the lot of a car dealership after hours, a boat approaching the shore in a prohibited area, a vehicle parked where no vehicles should be, people or vehicles moving in the wrong direction. There are countless practical applications for VCA.

Audio can also be coupled with VCA. As a part of the desired response, our operators can make announcements to areas being monitored.

Sample applications of VCA:

  • Perimeter of corporate facilities: people approaching after hours, vehicles parked where they shouldn't be, deliveries at unmanned loading areas
  • Unmanned structures such as cell towers, utility substations, data centers: unauthorized persons or vehicles approaching, fences being climbed, tampering.
  • Construction sites: people present or vehicles leaving when the site is closed. Reduces risk of injury, vandalism, theft of equipment, tools, and materials
  • Building rooftops: vandalism or theft of rooftop equipment
  • Unoccupied/un-rented buildings: theft of copper, vandalism, vagrancy
  • Car Dealerships: theft of car parts or damage to cars on lots; fenced or unfenced.
  • Transportation: people approaching runways, train tracks, highways, boats approaching docks, vehicles in unauthorized areas or traveling in the wrong direction

This solution provides the ability to supplement manned security with an extra set of eyes which are constantly searching for the undesired behavior, immediately notifying the security staff and routing the event to the remote monitoring center.

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